• Pros of dating rock-climbers: outdoor dates, rough hands all over me, suntans, good with ropes
  • Cons of dating rock-climbers: my fucking hands constantly look like I've put them through a paper shredder

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First day of spring, I celebrated by stomping around the office and eating lunch at my desk. Tomorrow, I’ll wear a big floral skirt, my curls out, and I’ll eat in the park, promise.


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Adventure Time Moped Gang!  by Jacquelin de Leon

You can purchase any of these as a print in my shop!  :)

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Current status.

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what the women of australia have to realise as they are doing their ironing …

tony abbott

let us never forget these words

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What Tony Abbott has to realise is that although the women of Australia may have an iron in one hand [oh fucking really, Tone, REALLY?] in 2017 if not earlier please and thank you, they will have a pencil in the other hand and they will send your slimy, misogynist and racist ass back to the rock it should still be hiding under.

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Perched high up in the hills and mountaintops, the adventurous photographer Max Rive likes to capture dynamic landscapes from a bird’s eye view.

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I’m filthy, I’m sore, but god I’m so grateful for the life I’m living. 


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You have to trust your horse a little bit, and that’s what makes jumping so scary, is that when you go over that fence you have to let go of all control. Isn’t that scary? That release can’t just happen while you’re in the air, you have to release the whole time - the second you and that animal leave the ground, the time you’re in the air and the time it takes for you two to finally land. The only thing I want your hands doing is releasing, the whole time, because if they don’t, that horse that loves jumping so much will stop trusting you and turn sour. You have your legs and you have your seat - why do you need your hands over a fence? Give them to her. She can’t possibly do anything to you while you’re in the air - just trust your horse to get you back on the ground safely.

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Attention: Everybody

Just wanting to draw your attention to the fact that it is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you’ve all survived the week and are gearing up for a cracking weekend. I’ve got big plans for the haus, a new cheesecake recipe, and (uncharacteristically) getting some quality sleep. Also hunting for my first husband aka I’ve got a heap of tradies lined up. How I got this exciting, I don’t even know.