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i am ALL CUT UP on my left side: damage which, if I were to be viewed in profile from my right, would not be visible from that particular angle

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i have this matter that looks like it is just going to disappear because the other side have realised they are complete dickheads and have decided to just fuck off. on one hand i am glad because this is the best resolution for our client but my other hand is pretty disappointed that it won’t get to see my enemies vanquished in court or at least slightly humiliated in a mediated settlement

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Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks.

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god bless sdcc

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Boyd is gone and I feel empty. Even the cats are away.

I guess I’ll download ‘My Horse’ app and weep.

I feel this so hard. Miss my pony and his little fuzzy face :(


Current status.

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I had a plumber out this morning to check out a small leak that’s just sprung up, found out I’m in for a majorish and unexpected bathroom reno. Pls send good vibes and reputable tilers.

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When clients ask you stupid questions because they haven’t read your advice. Like I dunno man, it’s your fucking money. 

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Current status. 

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